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Front-end loader LIEBHERR L574 (2430)

The LIEBHERR L574 front loader is a very well made model! The front axle rotates together with the loader on both sides, the front loader moves with one of the levers, the other lever dumps the loader, the rear wheels have independent suspension, the hood is foldable, glazed cab with transparent smooth plastic, profiled tires, high quality plastic. You will be surprised by the functionality of this loader and the similarity as with real machines!



    • Large loading bucket
    • Manual bucket control
    • Tipping control
    • Off-road rear axle
    • Bonnet to open
    • Profile tires


      Scale: 1:16
      Dimensions: 52.5 x 18.5 x 2.5 cm
      Material: ABS plastic
      Manufacturer: Bruder
      Country of origin: Germany

      Age: 4+


      Bruder 2430 LIEBHERR L574 front loader

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